Optimize your dog's wellness potential.

We travel to you, or meet at a a quiet location. Sessions should take place in an environment with minimal distractions so that your pup can relax and receive the best possible treatment. 


Whether your pup is a beloved pet, athlete, or working dog, Well-Pup Canine Therapies provides services to help.
We compliment your veterinary care for issues such as chronic pain, injury, and mild behavioral issues.
Our techniques are not for relaxation alone, they provide real results for real problems.

‚ÄúSarah is great with dogs and has a calming effect on them. My dog Lycan, who has hip dysplasia, enjoyed every second of his massage. He is usually  not very active but after the massage he had energy again and  played with my other dogs. Thanks Sarah for helping Lycan feel better!"

-Noemi Thomas


Appointments Are Available Monday - Saturday

Initial Evaluation & Treatment - $40